Toolkit: What the core group can’t do

What the core group can’t do

Everything. The core group can’t do everything. Although it’s important to have strong leadership and make good decisions about that, the success of a neighborhood group depends on having many voices heard and making the most of the assets your community already has: diverse neighbors who live here.

Create an inclusive, welcoming environment so that your South Bend neighbors know they are valued, and find meaningful ways to share their skills and ideas.

Be sure that neighbors are engaged and welcome to share their strengths, and that they remain motivated. Some strategies include knowing what you need, being specific about requests for help to meet that need, giving people a choice and matching their interests to even the smallest of tasks. Remember to be open to new ideas: Neighbors may want to be involved in ways you haven’t thought of before, too.

Don’t forget to thank people for their time, and let them know why their work is important to the group.

Identify both problems and solutions