Toolkit: Action plans and committee work

Action plans and committee work

Near Northwest Neighborhood’s signature Arts Café, the holiday tree sale, an annual clean-up and other events are planned by committee members. Residential and environmental committees are just two of the NNN teams that place ideas into action.

Many neighborhood associations – Kennedy Park, the Near Northwest Neighborhood and River Park among them – divide their work into committees determined and created by the core group leadership. In the Keller Park Neighborhood Association, they’re called “action groups.” These groups address the previously identified tasks and needs: publicity/news, membership, public safety, elderly assistance, code violations, social events.

You can encourage volunteers to get involved — and stay involved — through clear communication: Make sure each committee and its function is clear to your interested neighbors. It’s often a good idea to be sure there’s a range of opportunities and smaller tasks, so that there are varied ways for people to “plug in” to the association. Here’s where it’s important to develop skills in teamwork, leadership and group dynamics.


Having a meeting