Near West Side

Near West Side Neighborhood Organization


  • Martin Mechtenberg, President (
  • Tammy Bell, Vice President
  • Amanda Ward, Secretary
  • Karl Edmonson, Treasurer


Meetings are traditionally held at St. Paul’s Memorial United Methodist Church (W. Colfax & LaPorte Ave.), the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. However, meetings may also rotate throughout various neighborhood locations. Please contact organization for details.

UPDATE May, 2018:

  • Our May meeting, scheduled for the 22nd at 7pm, will be held at ST. AUGUSTINE PARISH HALL at 1501 West Washington. This is the first time the NWSNO meeting has been held at St. Augustine’s and will give us a wonderful opportunity get to know the community there better. Please join us!
  • INVITATION: A small group of neighbors from the Near West Side neighborhood have been getting together at the Purple Porch Co-Op on Wednesday mornings from 8 – 9 am. Sometimes the discussions are about the neighborhood and sometimes it’s just a chance enjoy coffee and casual conversation with neighbors. All are welcome to stop by. The Purple Porch Co-Op is located on 123 Hill Street in South Bend, near downtown. On the week of May 16, 2018, we will be talking about the neighborhood TIF (Tax increment financing).


  • North: LaSalle, various others over to Olive
  • South:  Western
  • East:  Williams St.
  • West:  Railroad/Olive Street

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Last updated: April 13, 2018 NRC(MSP)