Miami Village

South Bend neighbors on the city’s southeast side are served by the Miami Village Neighborhood Association, spearheaded by Hope Sibley Vollmer.

The goal of Miami Village members is to foster community and create a positive impact through community projects. The Miami Village also enjoys a vibrant neighborhood business corridor with several community-focused local businesses who are engaged in making Miami Village a great city destination as well as supporting its residential life.


  • President — Hope Sibley Vollmer
  • Secretary — Debra Applegate
  • Treasurer — Beverly Hupp


  • Update 11/12/18: there will be no meeting for November. Watch the association’s Facebook page for details of the December meeting.

The group meets at 6 p.m. on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at the Virginia Tutt branch of the county library system, 2223 Miami St.


  • Contact Hope Sibley Vollmer by email at
  • Miami Village residents are also invited to join the Facebook group.

Boundaries 2015:

  • North: St. Joseph River
  • South: Ewing Street west to Miami, then south on Miami to Donmoyer Street
  • East: Ironwood Drive
  • West: Erskine Boulevard north to Ewing, then north along Miami up to the St. Joseph River.


Updated 9/12/18 NRC [MSP]