NRC collaborates with City of South Bend on resident engagement

NRC was honored to be the guest speaker at the inaugural meeting of the City of South Bend’s Community Engagement Working Group. The CEWG is comprised of city employees whose mission is to “effectively engage with the residents of South Bend by developing strong and sustainable relationships that allow residents to feel more connected, supported and empowered by their local government.”

NRC was asked to share our thoughts on relationship-building between the City and its residents, specifically:

  • What does a relationship between the City and South Bend residents look like?
  • What are pitfalls to avoid when building this relationship?
  • How is the relationship maintained, once established?

Of course we said yes! We’re always happy to discuss the principles of Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD), and how strong neighborhoods are built from the inside — by organized neighbors being producers of their own outcomes rather than consumers.

Below is an audio-with-slides recording of our presentation.

If you’d like to learn more about the ABCD principles that we reference heavily in our presentation, check out the video by John McKnight (right below ours). This is a presentation by the founder of ABCD himself that we use in our Neighborhood Leadership Academy to explain the five secret ingredients (a.k.a. “assets”) of successful community development.

NRC Presentation to the City of South Bend’s CEWG, July 24, 2018.

John McKnight – Asset Based Community Development 101