North Shore Triangle neighbors turn Idea Board thoughts into Focus Areas

At their association’s Annual Potluck on September 23, North Shore Triangle neighbors shared their ideas for a better neighborhood on NRC’s new “Idea Board,” a giant, portable outdoor whiteboard that NRC recently added to its Block Party Toolkit.

Neighbors submitted over thirty ideas (PDF) such as “more bike paths,” “live music in the park,” and “four-way stops” at the neighborhood’s busier intersections.

While not all of the ideas may be achievable at once, NSTNA leaders have used the neighbors’ input to arrive at several new focus areas (PDF) for the organization.

The tentative focus areas are:

  • Social/Events
  • Safety/Crime
  • Parks & Places
  • Neighborhood Support & Service
  • Membership/Communications
  • Historical
  • Development

NRC was pleased to help facilitate the Idea Board exercise, as well as two Idea Sessions, to help the organization identify members who may be interested in the focus areas.

The NSTNA intends to present the focus areas and the dates for the next organizing meeting(s), at its upcoming Halloween party on October 27. For more information, watch the NSTNA webpage or follow the North Shore Triangle Neighborhood on