New Year’s Resolution: A Healthier Neighborhood Association?

Update (August 2018):

The Health Check tool has been revised with feedback from several neighborhood leaders, and we’ve posted a new version here. If your association would like to use this new tool (or something like it) to evaluate the state of your organization, please contact NRC to discuss how we can help!

Original Post:

NRC seeks neighborhood leaders to evaluate new Neighborhood Association Health Check tool

What better time than the New Year to ask: how “fit” is your neighborhood association? And if you were to ask that question, how would you answer it?

Neighborhood Association ‘Health Check’

NRC is working on a new tool that will help neighborhood associations give themselves a routine checkup. Even though each neighborhood association is unique, the healthiest organizations have certain qualities in common. This new tool would be a resource for neighborhood leaders to assess those qualities.

NRC seeks feedback on early drafts

We’re seeking feedback on an early draft of this new tool. It’s still a work in progress, so we’re looking for input on on a variety of questions. Would it be helpful? How would you use it? Does it work the way it is, or should it be changed? How?

If you are a leader or active member of a South Bend neighborhood association and would be willing to meet with NRC program staff in a small focus group to provide your thoughts, we would love to meet with you. Please contact Scott Palmer or Diana Hess at or (574) 287-0425.

The Health Check tool is derived from the Indianapolis NRC’s Community Assessment Matrix. If you’re curious, see a draft here – but please remember, it’s still a work in progress!