Grow your Association using Neighborhood Surveys

In Spring of 2018, participants in NRC’s Advanced Neighborhood Leadership Academy heard how the best recruiting methods for your Association aren’t just advertising your meetings, but asking neighbors what they want for their neighborhood and showing them how your organization can help accomplish those objectives.

After participating in the Academy, a handful of Kennedy Park Neighborhood Association decided to take that to the next level.

With NRC’s help, the Kennedy Park Neighborhood Association organized a neighborhood survey over the summer of 2018 to find out what their neighbors wanted for their neighborhood. They’re now using that input to align their organization’s objectives accordingly.  The whole process is a great a way to engage neighbors in the organization. It’s early yet, but so far it appears to be working – they’ve grown in size, and are working on new projects.

Since the Near West Side Neighborhood Organization is also considering a similar project, they gave NRC a few minutes on their Sept. 25 meeting agenda to summarize the process and offer their support.

The slides and an audio recording of that presentation are below. If you’d like NRC to help your recognized neighborhood organization do something similar, please let us know!