City Budget Workshop Recap

Jennifer Hockenhull, City Controller

Fun fact: did you know it costs the City of South Bend $100,000 to repave a single lane-mile of street? With over 2,200 lane-miles of streets in the City, it would cost over $220 million to repave them all — nearly two-thirds of the City’s entire annual budget.

That’s one example of how the City, with the help of the Department of Administration and Finance, must prioritize competing demands for limited funds. And at NRC’s recent Neighborhood Leadership Academy Workshop, City Controller Jennifer Hockenhull described how those expenditures are prioritized — and how residents can have input on what is important to them.

At the workshop, Ms. Hockenhull shared the following resources:

If you are a South Bend resident interested in following the 2019 budget process as it progresses, be sure to sign up for the Dept. of Administration & Finance’s “Budget Enthusiasts” email list. No, there’s no T-shirt or membership club (yet – though we suggested it during the public input portion of the workshop!). But if you sign up for the list, the Department will keep you informed of what’s happening in the process at key points along the way. If interested, email Jennifer Hockenhull at and request to be added.