NRC collaborates with City of South Bend on resident engagement

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NRC was honored to be the guest speaker at the inaugural meeting of the City of South Bend's Community Engagement Working Group. The CEWG is comprised of city employees whose mission is to … [Read more...]

City Budget Workshop Recap


Fun fact: did you know it costs the City of South Bend $100,000 to repave a single lane-mile of street? With over 2,200 lane-miles of streets in the City, it would cost over $220 million to repave … [Read more...]

City Budget Process kicks off NLA Workshop Series

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The Neighborhood Resources Connection announces its 2018 Neighborhood Leadership Academy Workshops. The series of four free workshops will help neighborhood leaders, community organizers, or any … [Read more...]

Next Mayor’s Night Out Thursday, February 22

City of South Bend Mayor's Office

From the Mayor's Office: The next Mayor’s Night Out, featuring Mayor Pete Buttigieg and other city officials, will be held on Thursday, February 22 at 5:30 p.m. at Dickinson Intermediate Fine Arts … [Read more...]