2017-2018 Program Review

The past two years have been one of NRC’s most active and impactful periods in recent memory. This report, published in February 2019, shares the programs, strategies, and impacts that NRC has offered to South Bend neighborhood organizers in 2017-2018.

This is much more than a typical impact report. It not only describes the differences that NRC’s programs have made in South Bend neighborhood organizations, it also captures the larger scope of what NRC has done to achieve these impacts. Not just the what, but the why, when, and how.

This report is prepared for a variety of audiences, including the next generation of NRC leaders, stakeholders, donors, and neighborhood organizers who will continue the work of helping South Bend neighbors build better neighborhoods in 2019 and beyond.



Background & Strategy — 9

Programs & Neighborhood Organization Support – 19

Support from our Community – 55

Getting the Word Out – 63